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What’s a Frappe (vs Frappuccino)? [They’re NOT The Same!]

You’re not alone for those who’re confused concerning the distinction between a frappe and a frappuccino. In any case, they’re each iced espresso drinks and have “frapp” within the identify; how totally different can they be? Properly, because it seems, there are fairly just a few distinctions between these two in style chilled coffees.

This text will train you concerning the frappe, together with the place it comes from, how one can make it, and the way it compares to the Frappuccino.

What’s a Frappe?

A frappe (additionally known as a frappe espresso, café frappé, Greek frappe, or Greek espresso) is a shaken iced espresso drink invented in Greece within the Nineteen Fifties, although the identify derives from the French phrase for “shaken” (1). 

At its most elementary, a frappe is immediate espresso, chilly water, and ice cubes blended in a cocktail shaker to create a frothy drink.

Sugar is optionally available, however individuals normally add it to counteract the bitterness of freeze-dried espresso. Much less typically, milk or evaporated milk can be added to create a richer, creamier drink.

Famously, the frappe was first devised by a Nescafe consultant, Dimitris Vakondios, on the 1957 Thessaloniki Worldwide Truthful. Vakondios hoped to get pleasure from his common immediate espresso on his break, however he couldn’t discover any scorching water. As an alternative, he stumbled throughout a shaker that Nescafe was advertising on the time for a kids’s immediate chocolate drink. He added cool water and immediate espresso granules to the shaker, and the frappe was born! Because the cliche goes, necessity is the mom of invention.

The café frappé continues to be one of the crucial in style methods to devour espresso in Greece and close by Cyprus. It has unfold worldwide, particularly to international locations with a excessive share of Greek immigrants.

You may watch a Greek barista make a frappe and its extra formal cousin, the freddo, on this video:

Frappe vs Frappuccino

Apart from their comparable names and the truth that each are kinds of iced espresso greatest loved on a scorching day, the frappe and the Frappuccino have little else in frequent.

Whereas the frappe is Greek, the Frappuccino is an American invention; its identify is a portmanteau of “frappe” and “cappuccino.” It was first served in a New England espresso store chain owned by specialty espresso pioneer George Howell. The chain, and the rights to the Frappuccino together with it, have been bought by Starbucks within the ‘90s. 

One other distinction is that Frappuccinos are blended drinks, whereas frappes are shaken or whisked. This provides the Frappuccino a unique texture, extra like a smoothie than a espresso.

Lastly, Frappuccinos use a base of espresso, sturdy espresso, or a coffee-free concoction Starbucks calls a crème. No immediate espresso is concerned. Whereas a Frappuccino might be easy, it’s extra typically enriched with issues like chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, or confections – plus an extravagant whipped cream topping.

To be taught extra, you’ll be able to learn our article on how one can make a Frappuccino.

Confusingly, New England has its definition of the frappe, which is a thick milkshake containing vanilla ice cream. This American model lends its identify to the portmanteau Frappuccino, so there is no such thing as a connection to the unique Greek model.

The right way to Make a Frappe

A frappe is likely one of the easiest kinds of espresso drinks to make at house. You don’t want a blender, espresso machine, or different particular gear. Nor do you want the endurance to attend for decent espresso to chill or for a chilly brew to steep. 


What’s in a frappe?

For one frappe, you’ll want to start out with 2 teaspoons of immediate espresso, 2 tablespoons of chilly water, and sugar to style. In Greece, you order your frappe based mostly on the sugar ratio to immediate espresso.

  • Sketos is a plain frappe with neither milk nor sugar, greatest for individuals who like their espresso daring and bitter.
  • Metrios makes use of equal components sugar and low.
  • Glykos makes use of twice as a lot sugar as espresso, greatest for these with a candy tooth.

Vigorously combine the espresso, water, and sugar utilizing a cocktail mixer, frother, or mason jar till you have got an ethereal foam. Pour the froth over ice cubes or crushed ice in a relaxing glass. Prime it off with water, chilly milk, or a mixture of each. In Greece, evaporated milk is frequent.

If you wish to do because the Greeks do, take your time having fun with your frappe, in accordance with Vivian Constantinopoulos, co-author of Frappe Nation (2).

In Athens and all through Greece, communal espresso ingesting is a pleasure and a ardour to be savored slowly and in a fashion that’s cool and relaxed.

The frappe has change into emblematic of this ritual as a result of the froth could be very long-lasting. Constantinopoulos provides, “The froth endures so long as the sipper desires it to.”

Are Frappes Sizzling or Chilly?

A frappe is at all times served chilly, which is why an absence of scorching water prompted its creation. For a heat drink with comparable qualities, strive the fashionable Korean Dalgona espresso (3). It makes use of the identical base substances as a frappe to create a secure kind however might be poured over scorching or chilly milk.

Closing Ideas

Now that you recognize what separates a frappe from a frappuccino, you’ll be able to safely order your favourite on the espresso store. Go for the Greek frappe if you would like a shaken iced drink made utilizing immediate espresso and ice cubes. If you need a blended espresso drink with a smoothie consistency, head to Starbucks and order a Frappuccino.


Sure, you can also make a decaf frappe. If caffeine makes you jittery otherwise you need to get pleasure from a night frappe with out being up all night time, you can also make the identical recipe utilizing decaffeinated espresso.

No, a frappe shouldn’t be unhealthy. A standard metrios frappe with simply espresso and sugar has about 45 energy and minimal dietary professionals or cons. Including 2% milk to your frappe provides 18 energy and important vitamins like calcium, riboflavin, and nutritional vitamins A and B12.

No, you’ll be able to’t make an genuine frappe with brewed espresso or espresso as a result of immediate floor espresso is what offers the frappe its long-lasting foamy texture. You’ll must mix it with ice or whipped cream to realize an analogous texture to brewed espresso.

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