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Mokka Espresso Selection: What Is Mokka Espresso?

Mokka, Mocha, Moka, Mokha could be some of the complicated phrases in all of espresso. Are all of them various things? Are they simply spelling variations of the identical factor? To muddy the waters even additional: the reply is sure and no.

This text seems particularly on the Mokka espresso selection. Preserve studying to be taught what it’s, tastes, and pertains to the remainder of the “mochas” on the market.

What’s Mokka Espresso?

First, a fast historical past lesson. All Arabica Espresso initially comes from Ethiopia, but it surely was first grown commercially in Yemen, therefore the identify Arabica. In espresso’s early historical past, the middle of the espresso commerce was the Yemeni port of Mokha (typically spelled Mocha). This port lends its identify to a lot espresso terminology (1).

Yemeni Mocha is among the oldest espresso varieties, however it’s not as widespread because it as soon as was. You may typically discover it within the well-known Mocha-Java mix, however Ethiopian espresso is usually used instead of Yemeni beans.

Maui Mokka Coffee

Maui Mokka Espresso

The Mokka espresso selection, also referred to as “tall Mokka” as a result of it’s extra of a tree than a bush, is a kind of Arabica espresso grown primarily in Hawaii, usually often called Maui Mokka. It’s a hybrid of Yemeni Mocha and a tall Brazilian Typica

Maui Mokka is characterised by its small espresso cherries and tiny, spherical espresso beans. Whereas there’s typically a notion that greater is healthier for espresso beans, Hawaii’s Huge Island Espresso Roasters explains that this isn’t at all times the case.

Mokka is the contrarian of the espresso world: these tiny beans captured coveted first place within the 2014 Hawaii Cupping Competitors.

In comparison with most industrial espresso crops, Mokka is low yielding and troublesome to reap, so it’s each extremely prized and highly-priced. This, together with its distinctive taste, is why it’s usually referred to as the champagne of espresso.

Mokka vs Mocha vs Moka

Now you already know the distinction between the Maui Mokka selection, the Yemen Mocha selection, and the Yemeni port of Mokha. 

What in regards to the mocha drink, which provides chocolate to a standard latte? How did Mocha espresso beans come to be related to chocolate? It’s not completely clear, however legend has it that it derives from the pure chocolatey taste profile of Mocha espresso beans.

Then there’s the stovetop espresso maker often called the Moka pot. It was invented by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti, who named it the Moka Categorical in reference, as soon as once more, to the well-known Yemeni port. This brewer is now so ubiquitous that “Moka pot” and “stovetop espresso maker” have grow to be synonymous, even when not made by Bialetti.

Brewing Strategies and Taste Profile

Maui Mokka espresso is normally given a medium to darkish roast, highlighting its prized chocolate taste. Whereas chocolate is the dominant tasting notice, Maui Mokka can be recognized for its delicate acidity and notes of nuts, dried fruit, and spice (2).

In contrast with the opposite common Hawaiian selection, Kona espresso, Maui Mokka has a heavier physique and fewer fruity and floral flavors.

Maui Mokka is a flexible espresso appropriate for many brewing strategies. Nonetheless, we predict its heavy physique fits the Moka pot, French press, or espresso machine. These strategies protect the espresso oils, leading to a scrumptious fudge-like brew with or with out milk.

This video reveals you how you can brew good French press espresso with Maui Mokka beans:

Ultimate Ideas

I hope this text has clarified the entire Mokka vs. Mocha vs. Moka confusion. The homonyms derive from the Yemeni port that was central to espresso’s early historical past. 

The Mokka espresso selection is a novel hybrid grown commercially on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Also known as “the champagne of espresso,” It’s notable for its tiny espresso beans and prized for its wealthy, chocolatey taste.


Kona espresso is a wide range of Arabica espresso grown solely within the Kona district of Hawaii’s Huge Island, the place the local weather is good for rising high-quality espresso. It is among the costliest coffees on the planet. This is because of its scrumptious taste, good advertising techniques, and the excessive value of doing enterprise in America in contrast with most coffee-growing areas.

The Caturra espresso is one other instance of an Arabica espresso bean, on this case, a pure hybrid of the Bourbon selection. It’s certainly one of Central America’s most economically necessary coffees, delivering excessive yields and a taste profile that properly balances sweetness and acidity.

The Catuai espresso is a hybrid espresso bean selection produced deliberately by breeding Caturra and Mundo Novo, two different types of Arabica. It’s grown primarily in South and Central America and is famend for its excessive yields and distinctive flavors.

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