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Marine Collagen Peptides Are Higher For You and the Atmosphere

There are literally 28 forms of collagen in our our bodies, every of which performs a unique function. Collagen sort I is the shape we’ll concentrate on essentially the most on this article, as a result of it’s present in your bones, pores and skin, and connective tissue, and is the dominant kind discovered all through the physique.1 We’ll additionally have a look at collagen sort II, one other type of collagen present in your joints.2

The collagen varieties do not matter as a lot as individuals assume, as all of them comprise the amino acids we have to construct a robust physique. Whenever you eat particular collagen varieties, it doesn’t goal particular components of the physique, for instance your nails. The collagen is damaged down into amino acids that may be absorbed by your physique and helps the entire physique.

Many marine collagen dietary supplements comprise each collagen sort I and kind II. Since collagen itself will not be broadly present in meals (though you could possibly help your physique’s collagen manufacturing via meals), many individuals select to complement collagen for the advantages, which we’ll go over within the subsequent part. 

Your physique makes collagen by itself, however supplementing what your physique makes with marine sources will be useful. It’s because our our bodies produce much less and fewer collagen as we age (yet another factor to fret about with every birthday), so utilizing a marine collagen complement may also help your physique provide all the protein it must proceed supporting your pores and skin, joints, bones, nails, and extra. You’ll be able to’t cease getting old (but), however you may have the ability to gradual time down utilizing dietary supplements like marine collagen peptides.

One of the best ways to take marine collagen is in a powder kind that you could add to meals or liquids. Hydrolyzed marine collagen powders, like our favourite matcha, espresso, and lucuma flavors from Crushed Tonic, will be simply blended into your favourite meals or drinks for an on-the-go magnificence enhance. Collagen margarita, anybody? Or double-up the well being advantages by including marine collagen powder to your morning smoothie or juice. 

To study extra about marine collagen, it’s useful to take a look at what marine collagen really does to know its potential advantages. 


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