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Maragogipe Espresso Selection

Maragogipe espresso is a uncommon Arabica varietal originating in Brazil. It’s usually often called “elephant bean espresso,” because of its extra-large espresso beans. However measurement isn’t the one distinguishing characteristic of this uncommon espresso.

This information digs into the background of the Maragogipe selection, why you’re unlikely to search out it in shops, and what flavors to anticipate in the event you’re fortunate sufficient to safe a bag.

What’s the Maragogipe Espresso Selection?

Maragogipe espresso – additionally generally spelled Maragogype – is among the many many Arabica espresso varieties. It’s a pure mutation of the Typica selection, like Kent espresso. Maragogipe takes its title from the Brazilian metropolis of Maragogipe, the place they first found it in 1870.

Maragogipe has giant espresso beans and distinctive cup high quality when grown at elevations above 1300 meters. Due to its giant beans, it’s generally often called “Elephant Bean Espresso (1).” Regardless of these promoting factors, Maragogipe is never cultivated commercially as a consequence of low yields and excessive susceptibility to pests and illnesses. It’s higher often called the mum or dad of a number of extra priceless hybrids (2).

This video gives an atmospheric have a look at how Maragogipe is grown and the way its cultivation impacts the group at origin:

Hybrid Varietals Derived from Maragogipe

Essentially the most extensively cultivated hybrids bred from Maragogipe are Pacamara and Maracaturra. Each keep glorious cup high quality and enormous beans of Maragogipe whereas producing greater yields. Sadly, additionally they retain the pest and illness susceptibility of their mum or dad.

  • Pacamara is a hybrid of the Maragogipe and Pacas varietals. It was created in El Salvador by the Salvadoran Institute of Espresso Analysis and continues to be grown primarily in that nation.
  • Maracaturra is a pure hybrid of the Maragogipe and Caturra varietals first present in Nicaragua. It’s now grown in Brazil, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

The place is Maragogipe Grown?

Maragogipe espresso is uncommon however nonetheless grown in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. The best-regarded Maragogipe espresso beans come from Chiapas, Mexico, and Coban, Guatemala.

Regardless that Maragogipe isn’t one of the vital commercially priceless espresso varieties, the Espresso Evaluation Shopping for Information specialists argue that it nonetheless warrants our consideration.

Maragogipe is a romantic’s espresso curiosity, and deserves respect on that floor alone.

When you can attempt premium Maragogipe espresso, don’t let it move you by.

Maragogipe Espresso Flavors

The flavour of Maragogipe espresso relies on the rising area greater than different espresso varieties. So the critiques of the bean are fairly difficult to interpret. 

Maragogipe is commonly famous as tasting skinny and weakly acidic when grown in poor soil – hardly a compelling description. However in additional fertile circumstances, it develops a richer taste, normally with candy notes of stone fruit and honey.

The flavors of Maragogipe are refined, so gentle or medium roast is good for enhancing fairly than overpowering them.

Many brewing strategies are appropriate, however we propose a pour-over dripper just like the Hario V60, Chemex, or Intelligent. Pour overs reveal the advanced flavors, naturally easy physique, and clear cup of the very best Maragogipe coffees.

Last Ideas

The Maragogipe espresso selection is uncommon as a consequence of its low yields and illness susceptibility. Today, it’s higher recognized for its contribution to the Pacamara and Maracaturra hybrids. But when you may get your fingers on a few of these “elephant espresso beans,” you’re in for an actual deal with. Maragogipe yields a easy, clear cup with wealthy flavors and a delicate sweetness.


The 4 varieties of espresso are Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa, though Excelsa has lately been reclassified as a sort of Liberica. Solely Arabica and Robusta are vital business crops.

The most effective kind of espresso is Arabica, although some espresso specialists would possibly argue the case for uncommon varieties like Liberica and Excelsa. Arabica is thought for its well-balanced sweetness and acidity and provides pleasing flavors like fruits, florals, nuts, and sweets.

Sure, you can also make espresso with Maragogipe, nevertheless it isn’t a well-liked selection for many palates. The most effective Maragogipe espresso has a lightweight physique, refined flavors, and vivid acidity that doesn’t correspond to the creamy mouthfeel and chocolatey or nutty flavors of traditional espresso.

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