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How A lot Caffeine Is in Darjeeling? 2023 Breakdown

a cup of darjeeling tea

Darjeeling is a well-liked tea many individuals love to start out their day with, and it’s a sort of black tea produced in India. The tea has a fruity aroma, and a golden or bronze shade, in line with the brewing technique, that tea drinkers love.

One query that’s typically requested is whether or not Darjeeling tea has any caffeine in it or not. The reply is sure; Darjeeling accommodates between 40 and 70 milligrams (mg) of caffeine. How does it stack as much as different black teas, nonetheless? We’ll provide you with a caffeine comparability and extra under.

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Caffeine Content material Comparability Of Darjeeling vs Different Teas

Darjeeling teas have between 40 and 70 mg of caffeine, give or take a couple of milligrams, and we’ll examine the tea to different teas within the chart under.

Darjeeling Tea 40 to 70 mg
Natural Tea 0 mg
Kombucha Tea 24 mg
Inexperienced Tea 25 mg
White Tea 28 mg
Oolong Tea 34 mg
Black Tea 42 mg
Matcha Tea 70 mg
Yerba Mate Tea 85 mg
Espresso 108 to 200 mg (in line with dimension)

As you may see, aside from natural teas, most tea has caffeine, simply lower than espresso. Darjeeling Tea has lower than many caffeinated teas available on the market and greater than some. The one solution to get zero caffeine in a tea is for the tea to be natural, and you continue to have to test the label earlier than consuming it.

a cup of hot darjeeling tea
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Why Do Caffeine Quantities in Darjeeling Tea Differ?

There are a couple of elements that go into figuring out the quantity of caffeine in your common cup of Darjeeling Tea. To get the identical quantity of caffeine in your Darjeeling, it’s finest to make use of the identical model and brew it the identical method each time.

  • Energy of the tea
  • Steeping time
  • Tenderness of the tea leaves
  • The a part of the plant the tea is made out of
  • The flush of the tea

All of those elements mix to provide the caffeine content material of Darjeeling tea, so test the particular caffeine content material on the package deal. Both method, Darjeeling Tea is nicely under the really helpful day by day allowance of 400 mg of caffeine set forth by the FDA, so try to be secure to drink it.

Nonetheless, if in case you have a caffeine sensitivity, it’s finest to speak to your physician for suggestions. There are various different choices for tea drinkers which are caffeine-free within the natural tea division.

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Ultimate Ideas

So, Darjeeling Tea has between 40 and 70 mg of caffeine, however that’s lower than a cup of espresso. Nonetheless, the caffeine content material of this tea is decided by a couple of elements we listed above. For example, you may brew a stronger tea by permitting it to steep longer. Darjeeling is a favourite amongst tea drinkers and has a fruity style that’s not bitter like some black teas, making it a fan favourite.

Nonetheless, if in case you have a caffeine sensitivity, it is likely to be finest to stay with natural teas on your day by day tea repair, to be on the secure facet. If you wish to drink Darjeeling Tea, communicate together with your physician first.

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