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How A lot Caffeine in AHA Glowing Water? What to Know!

AHA is a variety of fruit-flavored glowing water drinks with flavors together with blackberry and lemon and raspberry and acai. In addition to their normal glowing waters, the corporate additionally produces a variety of caffeinated glowing waters.

There are three flavors: Fuji apple and white tea, mango and black tea, and citrus and inexperienced tea. Every of those flavors contains 30 milligrams (mg) of caffeine in a single, 355-milliliter can. Which means it has marginally much less caffeine than a can of Coke, which comprises 34 mg of the stimulant. Learn on for extra particulars on AHA glowing water and its caffeine content material.

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AHA Glowing Water Caffeine Content material

Glowing water is a well-liked selection of drink as a result of it has a impartial taste however affords the refreshing sparkle of carbonation. It’s usually mixed with further flavors to offer it an additional one thing. AHA produces seven non-caffeinated spring water drinks within the following flavors:

  • Blackberry + Lemon
  • Pineapple + Passionfruit
  • Raspberry + Acai
  • Lime + Watermelon
  • Blueberry + Pomegranate
  • Orange + Grapefruit
  • Peach + Honey

These are non-caffeinated drinks, so they don’t comprise any caffeine.

AHA additionally produces a number of frivolously caffeinated glowing water drinks within the following flavors:

  • Fuji + Apple
  • Mango + Black Tea
  • Citrus + Inexperienced Tea

All of the caffeinated flavors are available 355 ml cans, and so they all comprise the identical 30 mg of caffeine per can.

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Different Caffeinated Glowing Waters

Caffeinated glowing water might sound like an uncommon drink, however AHA isn’t the one firm that produces it. And whereas AHA caffeinated drinks are thought of to be mildly caffeinated, others have larger caffeine content material.

In the event you’re on the lookout for a refreshing glowing water with a light caffeine kick, AHA is an effective selection, however in order for you extra caffeine, then a drink like Perrier Energize delivers significantly extra caffeine per fluid ounce.

Model Whole Caffeine (mg) Caffeine per Fluid Ounce
Perrier Energize (8.46 fl oz) 99 11.7
GURU Glowing Vitality Water (12 fl oz) 100 8.3
AHA Glowing Water (12 fl oz) 30 2.5
VitaminWater Vitality (20 fl oz) 50 2.5

AHA Sparkling Water Variety

In comparison with Sodas

Though glowing water isn’t essentially a soda, it’s a glowing non-alcoholic drink, so it shares a whole lot of the identical properties. Surprisingly, a whole lot of sodas that we drink comprise caffeine, and it might probably come as a shock to be taught that Coke and Dr. Pepper each comprise gentle to medium quantities of caffeine.

The caffeine in AHA Glowing Water is barely rather less than is present in common Coke. Dr. Pepper affords a bit extra caffeine than each of those, however for those who’re on the lookout for one thing that’s caffeine-free, a glowing citrus drink like Fanta is likely to be the best choice.

Model Whole Caffeine (mg) Caffeine per Fluid Ounce
Coke (12 fl oz) 34 2.83
Dr. Pepper (12 fl oz) 41 3.41
Fanta (12 fl oz) 0 0
AHA Glowing Water (12 fl oz) 30 2.5

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AHA combines a fruit taste and a tea taste to create its glowing water drinks. Within the case of the mildly caffeinated choices, it additionally provides a modest caffeine kick. It doesn’t present the sort of caffeinated enhance you get from vitality drinks or espresso drinks, however in order for you one thing to quench the thirst and offer you a slight stimulant kick, it could possibly be a very good possibility for you.

The caffeinated glowing water is available in three completely different flavors, and AHA is without doubt one of the extra broadly out there caffeinated glowing drinks out there, so it must be simpler to pay money for in comparison with different caffeinated waters.


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