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Guilt-Free Chocolate and Why Your Physique Wants it

cacao nibs

Odds are you’ve in all probability seen cacao nibs sitting on the shelf of your native grocery retailer however had no thought what they’re. You in all probability inferred from the phrase “cacao” that the product has one thing to do with chocolate, however what’s cacao nibs’ precise relationship to one in every of many individuals’s favourite snacks?

Phrases apart, at first look, there doesn’t seem like a lot commonality between cocoa and cacao nibs. Nevertheless, that is actually an occasion the place appearances are deceiving as a result of all it takes for cacao nibs to change into chocolate is the addition of a bit of sugar and water.

If you wish to discover out extra about this fascinating deal with, this text will expose why cacao nibs are guilt-free chocolate that’s really good in your physique (and that tastes wonderful in a smoothie!).

Desk of contents:

What Are Cacao Nibs?

True to their title, cacao nibs are crushed items of cacao beans. Should you actually know chocolate, you seemingly already know it’s derived from cacao beans. Subsequently, cacao nibs can technically change into chocolate with the addition of a few key components.

Cacao beans are harvested from the Theobroma cacao tree. This tropical tree is native to South America. It’s recognized for its fruits, which develop instantly on its trunk and branches. Every fruit pod accommodates dozens of seeds.

When pulled from the tree and damaged open, these fruit pods sport a white pulp that encompasses the seeds. 

When lower in half, the mixture of the pulp and seeds has a definite purple shade. This shade is because of the excessive quantity of antioxidants contained inside the seeds. Sadly, the antioxidants give it a bitter taste that actually makes them tough to swallow.

To be able to make cacao nibs, the seeds should be faraway from the pods and fermented. The fermentation course of lasts wherever from two to 6 days.

Throughout fermentation, the seeds develop a extra chocolatey taste because of the destruction of their germs. These germs don’t have anything to do with micro organism; the germ is the a part of the seed that finally results in the institution of the foundation system. It’s also what provides the seed an unpalatable bitterness.

After fermentation, the seeds are dried, packaged, and shipped out for processing. To change into cacao nibs, the seeds are cleaned and roasted, after which they’re cracked open, deshelled, and damaged into nibs.

Cacao Nibs and Chocolate

Since cacao nibs are intently associated to chocolate, it’s important to look at their similarities and variations. Should you’ve ever tasted darkish chocolate, that may be a fantastic place to begin for discerning what cacao nibs style like.

In comparison with darkish chocolate, cacao nibs adhere to all the following:

Should you haven’t already guessed, cacao nibs are a lot much less processed than their counterpart, particularly in the event you issue within the sugar and milk-laden qualities of the milk chocolate that’s so fashionable in the USA. Nevertheless, cacao nibs might be much more bitter and harsh if they aren’t ready correctly.

Correct Preparation

To be able to flip them into chocolate, cacao nibs must be floor down. In the course of the grinding course of, they emit various acids that contribute to their taste. If these acids usually are not correctly launched, they’ll make the general style very disagreeable.

Nevertheless, a part of the distinctive style of cacao nibs is because of their inherent bitterness. So this high quality is one thing that needs to be embraced slightly than prevented.

Life Cycle of Cacao Nibs

The life cycle of the common cacao nib begins with the Theobroma cacao tree. This tree solely grows within the tropics. It’s grown from seeds or stems which can be transplanted into cacao orchards, the place they subsequently attain their reproductive stage after roughly 5 years.

How Are Cacao Nibs Harvested?

When they’re prepared to breed, small flowers will sprout on the tree’s trunk and branches. These tiny flowers are subsequently pollinated by small bugs generally known as “midges” which can be concerning the measurement of the tip of a pen. As soon as pollinated, the flowers will finally produce small pods.

The ensuing pods are distinguishable resulting from their leathery texture that turns extra yellow because the fruit ripens. When the fruit is able to be harvested, it can often be eliminated with a machete. 

Sadly, because of the cacao tree’s constant manufacturing of flowers and fruit, the pods on one tree will all ripen at totally different occasions. This makes harvesting them tougher.

If the pod is harvested earlier than it’s totally ripe, it can style bland and bitter. On the opposite finish of the spectrum, an overripe pod is unusable resulting from the truth that it has already begun germinating. As soon as harvested, the pods are collected and finally cracked open.

After they’re cracked open, every pod will yield about 30 cacao beans. As talked about earlier, these beans are caked in white pulp. Collectively, the bean and pulp will likely be used to create chocolate.


Now that the beans and pulp have been eliminated, they must be fermented. Throughout fermentation, starches and sugars are damaged down into carbon dioxide and alcohol. Much like yeast in bread, fermentation is important to the distinctive taste of the cacao nib. As such, it should be managed with nice care and precision.

After the pod is opened, it’s crammed with naturally-occurring yeast and micro organism. From there, the beans are positioned right into a fermentation field, which gives them with an optimum atmosphere the place their pulp and different liquids can spill out. 

Some farmers choose to not use a fermentation field and place the beans inside a layer of banana leaves as a substitute. This latter course of is seen as extra natural and is most popular by many farmers.

From there, the fermentation course of goes by means of two phases – anaerobic and cardio.

The Anaerobic Part

The pulp surrounding the beans deprives them of oxygen, creating an anaerobic atmosphere. This situation is exacerbated by putting the beans inside banana leaves, which additionally deprive them of oxygen.

The cacao bean’s pulp accommodates water, acids, and sugars corresponding to sucrose, glucose, and fructose. These sugars and acids mix to create a comfy dwelling for the yeast, micro organism, and different enzymes within the pulp.

Whereas on this anaerobic atmosphere, the yeasts will eat up the sugars and produce carbon dioxide and ethanol. Numerous bacterial organisms rework the carbohydrates, citric acid, and glucose into lactic acid. Throughout this stage, it’s doable to see carbon dioxide effervescent up on the floor.

Because the pulp is damaged down, it transforms right into a liquid and melts away. This creates extra space that’s subsequently crammed by oxygen. As soon as this occurs, the fermentation has reached the cardio part.

The Cardio Part

After they enter the cardio part, the farmers overseeing the method will transfer the beans round and blend them. This course of is called “turning” and finally provides extra oxygen to assist equalize the fermentation course of throughout the whole batch. 

Throughout this part, most of the microorganisms die, and acetic acid is produced. As soon as this acid makes contact with oxygen, it breaks down into water and carbon dioxide.

All through this course of, the cell partitions are damaged down, and the bean finally dies. This course of ensures the bean will not germinate. It additionally produces an array of chemical reactions inside the bean. These reactions finally consequence within the acquainted flavors most individuals affiliate with chocolate.

The Drying Course of

As soon as the beans have reached the tip of the cardio part, they’re extraordinarily moist. This excessive moisture content material and inner fats make them good vessels for micro organism. Consequently, delivery them at this stage may smash them.

Because of this farmers will place cacao beans beneath an awning for between 5 and 7 days, or till they’ve dried out sufficient that the moisture content material is just about nonexistent. Whereas the beans may actually dry within the solar, the excessive moisture content material within the air of the tropics renders this method unreliable.

After the beans have reached the suitable moisture ranges, they’re packaged and shipped around the globe.

A Temporary Historical past of Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs are native to the South American area and have been first cultivated by the Olmecs. This early Mesoamerican civilization referred to it as “kakawa.” From there, cacao was subsequently utilized by the Mayans and Aztecs, who used it in a drink that was additionally flavored with vanilla, honey, and chili peppers.

Though it was initially cultivated in South America, a significant portion of as we speak’s cacao provide is sourced from West Africa.

What Do Cacao Nibs Supply (Style-Clever) in Juices/Smoothies?

Cacao nibs are utilized in quite a lot of trendy juice and smoothie recipes. They supply a wealthy, chocolatey taste that’s rather more bitter than conventional chocolate. This taste profile makes it ideally suited alongside peanut butter and bananas. 

Moreover, it may be mixed with cherry flavoring and used alongside mangoes, strawberries, or different flavors.

By way of presentation, cacao is usually blended into juices and smoothies in one in every of two methods. The primary methodology is to make use of it in powder type. This method is ideal for blended drinks the place the cacao must pervade the flavour alongside one thing like peanut butter or banana. 

Moreover, cacao shavings might be added on prime of a juice or smoothie. From there, they are often stirred in for an added crunch or eaten individually for additional taste.

Well being Advantages of Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs comprise an assortment of wholesome fat, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. The antioxidants contained in them are generally known as flavonoids, that are famend for his or her anti-aging properties. Moreover, antioxidants are recognized for stopping cell injury, which might help beat back all the following illnesses:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Most cancers
  • Heart problems
  • Irritation

Along with the illnesses listed above, the vitamins present in cacao nibs might help with quite a lot of different issues. Listed here are a few of them:


Cacao beans are wealthy in fiber, which implies improved digestion for all who devour them. This impact might help with quite a lot of digestive circumstances, corresponding to hemorrhoids and painful bowel actions.

Coronary heart well being

The flavonoids present in cacao beans have been linked to enhancements in coronary heart well being. In actual fact, cacao beans boast extra wholesome flavonoids per serving than pink wine.


The fat present in cacao beans are recognized to extend serotonin and dopamine ranges within the human mind, which ends up in an improved temper.

Stroke Danger

Darkish chocolate, produced from the cacao bean, is assumed to advertise larger ranges of HDL ldl cholesterol. Often known as a benevolent ldl cholesterol, this compound might help fend off strokes and coronary heart assaults.

Greatest Solution to Retailer Cacao Nibs

When saved correctly, cacao nibs can final for a number of years. Correct storage means securing the nibs in an hermetic container or hermetic plastic bag. From there, it would be best to retailer the container in a cool, darkish space that’s not vulnerable to excessive moisture ranges.

Should you choose to retailer your cacao nibs in an hermetic plastic bag, be sure to press all the air out of the bag earlier than you retailer it in a darkish, dry space. Should you discover {that a} plastic bag just isn’t appropriate for these circumstances, you’ll be able to all the time switch it to an hermetic jar.

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Disclaimer: The data offered right here is for academic functions solely and is under no circumstances meant as an alternative choice to medical counseling. Seek the advice of your physician earlier than utilizing any well being therapy, together with pure cures, and inform your physician if in case you have a critical medical situation or are taking any medicines. 

Should you’re uncertain whether or not cacao nibs could be a wholesome addition to your wellness routine, ask your physician if any of your well being particulars would possibly make cacao nibs unsafe for you.




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