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Empanada Dough Recipe (3 Elements)

Flaky, crispy, and full of meat, potato, veggies, and generally rice, empanadas are as straightforward to make as pie dough.

It’s laborious to beat the mix of tender pockets of dough full of yummy filling inside. From Central and South America, we’re gifted the empanada — flaky crust full of meat, potato, veggies, and generally rice. Right here’s tips on how to make the dough, stuff it along with your alternative of filling, and bake it.

What Is Empanada Dough Made Of?

The approach to creating empanada dough is similar to that of constructing pie dough. It conveniently makes use of pantry staples and components you in all probability have already got available. Butter is reduce into flour and salt, then combined with olive oil and a little bit of chilly water to bind.

Is Empanada Dough the Similar as Pizza Dough?

Pizza dough and empanada dough are totally different for one vital motive: Pizza dough makes use of yeast to permit it to rise, whereas empanada dough doesn’t. Empanadas don’t require resting time or plenty of kneading. Actually, the much less you’re employed the dough, the higher, because it leaves the pastry tender and flaky. 

Are Empanadas Higher Baked or Fried?

It is dependent upon who you ask! Baking empanadas versus frying them is unquestionably a matter of desire. For a big batch and hands-off cooking, we want to bake them on a parchment-lined baking sheet, brushed with a little bit of egg wash for that signature shiny look.

What Can Empanadas Be Stuffed With?


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