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Dutch Bros Caffeine Content material: What’s In Your Favourite Drinks?

Well-known for its caffeine-forward drinks, Dutch Bros Espresso is a mecca for espresso addicts up and down the western United States. Based in Oregon, Dutch Bros has since unfold as far east as Nashville, Tennessee.

Like several good espresso chain, Dutch Bros is understood for its easy-access drive-through expertise. Much more well-known than its comfort issue is its high-caffeine menu!

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Dutch Bros Espresso

Dutch Bros makes its espresso drinks from two proprietary blends: Dutch Bros Non-public Reserve and Dutch Bros Decaffeinated. Each coffees are comprised of a mix of a number of arabica espresso beans from around the globe.

The fan-favorite drinks on the menu are usually the Dutch Bros’ blended drinks, such because the number of mochas and Dutch Bros’ classics—just like the ER-911!

Dutch Bros Caffeine Content material

On common, a cup of espresso has roughly 40 mg of caffeine. Dutch Bros’ espresso drinks are likely to lean towards the extra caffeinated aspect of issues.

With over 40 drinks on the menu, Dutch Bros has quite a bit to supply! So let’s take a deep dive into the caffeine content material of every Dutch Bros espresso drink.

Dutch Bros. Caffeine Content material

Beverage 12 oz 16 oz 20 oz
Dutch Espresso 256 mg
Dutch Espresso (1oz shot) 64 mg (single) 128 mg (double) 192 mg (triple)
Yerba Mate 84 mg 126 mg 168 mg
Dutch Latte 128mg 128 mg 256 mg
Dutch Mocha 136 mg 138 mg 268 mg
Dutch Double Choc. Mocha 135 mg 137 mg 267 mg
Dutch White Mocha 135 mg 137 mg 267 mg
Particular Taste Mochas 128 mg 128 mg 256 mg
Cappuccino 128 mg 128 mg 256 mg
Why Hassle 0 mg 0 mg 0 mg
Breve 128 mg 128 mg 256 mg
Chi Latte 40.65 mg 48.78 mg 65.04 mg
Dutch Sizzling Chocolate 10 mg 12 mg 16 mg
Kahlua Kicker 128 mg 128 mg 256 mg
Annihilator 128 mg 128 mg 256 mg
Milky Means 135 mg 137 mg 267 mg
Cocomo 135 mg 137 mg 267 mg
The Remedy 135 mg 137 mg 267 mg
Double Torture 261 mg 263 mg 393 mg
ER 911 384 mg 384 mg 384 mg
Iced Dutch Latte 128 mg
Iced Dutch Mocha 140 mg
Dutch Mocha Freeze 147.82 mg 170.41 mg 215.59 mg
Iced SF Mochas 128 mg
Iced White Mocha 139 mg
Iced Kahlua Kicker 128 mg
Kahlua Kicker Freeze 135.53 mg 158.12 mg 203.29 mg
Iced Annihilator 128 mg
Annihilator Freeze 135.53 mg 158.12 mg 203.29 mg
Iced Double Choc. Mocha 139 mg
Iced Milky Means 139 mg
Milky Means Freeze 113.94 mg 159.12 mg 204.29 mg
Iced Cocomo 139 mg
Cocomo Freeze 136.53 mg 159.12 mg 204.29 mg
Iced Remedy 139 mg
Iced Double Torture 265 mg
Double Torture Freeze 121.66 mg 144.25 mg 189.53 mg
Iced 911 384mg
911 Freeze 384 mg 384 mg 384 mg
Not So Sizzling 8 mg (8oz)
Iced Chai Latte 56.91 mg
Blended Chai Latte 40.65 mg
Blended Carborator 128 mg
Jet Tea 0mg 0mg 0 mg
Mind Freeze Mix 305.94 mg 349.65 mg 437.06 mg
Italian Sodas 0 mg 0 mg 0 mg
Blue Insurgent Vitality Drink 80 mg/can

Incessantly Requested Questions

You’ve acquired questions, and we’ve acquired solutions! Discover out what of us are asking essentially the most about Dutch Bros Espresso.

Which Dutch Bros Drink Has the Most Caffeine?

Dutch Bros’ notorious ER-911 drink has essentially the most caffeine on this menu, no matter measurement. The one exception is the Mind Freeze blended drink, which accommodates a walloping 437.06 mg of caffeine in its largest measurement. Devour with warning as a result of this drink certain does pack a punch. Coming in at 384 mg of caffeine, the ER-911 boasts six photographs of espresso!

Is Dutch Bros Unhealthy for You?

Dutch Bros tends to serve drinks with a lot of caffeine and sugar. When you have a sensitivity to both caffeine or sugar, proceed with warning. As at all times, confer with your physician or one other medical skilled for medical recommendation!

What’s Dutch Bros Insurgent Drink?

Dutch Bros doesn’t serve simply espresso. In addition they have their very own model of vitality drink, the Dutch Bros Insurgent Vitality Drink—out there iced or blended in any respect areas, or retail in a can.

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Subsequent time you end up out west, you’d be foolish to overlook out on the Dutch Bros expertise. Whether or not on the house entrance in Oregon, or elsewhere within the west, Dutch Bros is round each nook and ready so that you can take pleasure in. Between the caffeine content material and the comfort of the drive-through, Dutch Bros is ideal in your subsequent street journey!

Featured Picture Credit score: DB GPDowntownstore | Dutch Bros inside, Wikimedia Commons, CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 Worldwide


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