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Chantilly cream (French whipped cream)

Chantilly cream may sound fancy nevertheless it’s simply whipped cream that’s evenly sweetened and flavoured with vanilla. It’s principally the higher whipped cream!

BONUS: Study the straightforward trick to make stabilised Chantilly cream so it stays fluffy and excellent for two – 3 days. Tremendous helpful so you may make whipped cream forward!

What’s Chantillly cream

Chantilly cream is simply the “correct” French title for sweetened whipped cream. It has the identical fluffy texture as plain whipped cream however a extra luxurious flavour and a sublime satiny sheen. Principally, it’s a classier, tastier model of whipped cream!

Chantilly cream - French whipped cream dollop on a bowl of fruit

What to make use of Chantilly cream for

Use as you do bizarre whipped cream! Listed below are some strategies:

Stabilising Chantilly Cream (received’t deflate for days!)

Stabilising Chantilly cream means giving it construction so the whipped cream has an extended shelf life. You understand how bizarre whipped cream weeps and deflates in a single day? If it’s stabilised, it received’t. It’s going to keep fluffy and maintain its piped form (or in a bowl, able to be piped) for two – 3 days.

One other profit is that stabilised Chantilly cream is not going to squirt out once you take a chunk of cream crammed éclairs. As a result of, don’t you simply hate that!?

It tastes the identical, has the identical fluffy texture and appears the identical as bizarre whipped cream / Chantilly cream. So there’s actually no level exhibiting you a photograph of stabilised whipped cream – as a result of it appears to be like precisely the identical!

Bowl of freshly whipped Chantilly cream - French whipped cream

Easy methods to stabilise Chantilly cream

Mascarpone is the key to stabilised whipped cream / Chantilly cream.

There are numerous strategies to stabilise whipped cream. My recipe makes use of mascarpone which is a genius, completely examined discovery by my French Pastry Chef trainer, Jennifer Pogmore.

Mascarpone is a thick Italian cream with a consistency like cream cheese however a flavour like whipped cream. When whipped with cream, it turns into mild and fluffy like whipped cream nevertheless it holds its kind for for much longer than whipped cream.

Not like different strategies of stabilising cream (cornflour/cornstarch, gelatine, pudding combine – ick!), utilizing mascarpone doesn’t alter the flavour or mouthfeel of the whipped cream. It additionally produces essentially the most dependable outcome. In distinction, we discovered that another strategies, like cornflour/cornstarch, produced unreliable outcomes.

Yep, we examined all of the widespread strategies. And discarded all of them.

Mascarpone is the BEST option to make stabilised cream!

And onwards, to the recipe!

Components Chantilly Cream

All you want is cream, vanilla and icing sugar (powdered sugar) to make Chantilly Cream. For the stabilised choice, additionally, you will want mascarpone cream. Some notes on every of those ingredient is beneath the picture!

Ingredients in Eclairs
  • Cream – Heavy / thickened cream, or cream appropriate for whipping (the carton ought to say). Right here in Australia, there are additionally pouring lotions which which is not going to whip. Such lotions are clearly labelled as such!

    Make sure that your cream is fridge chilly. Heat cream received’t whip!

  • Vanilla – For the perfect flavour, use vanilla beans. Else, so as of choice, vanilla bean paste (which has the little vanilla specks in it), vanilla extract and lastly, vanilla essence (which is essentially the most economical as a result of it’s synthetic – and tastes as such).

  • Icing sugar / powdered sugar – That is used to sweeten the cream. It’s finer and lighter than caster sugar (superfine sugar) so it dissolves extra simply and provides a barely extra delicate sweetness to the cream in comparison with bizarre sugar.

    Nonetheless, caster sugar (superfine sugar) can be utilized in a pinch. The amount to make use of is within the recipe.

  • Mascarpone cream (for stabilised cream choice) – It is a very thick, wealthy Italian cream that has a consistency like softened cream cheese (see video for consistency). As soon as whipped with bizarre cream, the whipped cream is as mild and fluffy as regular and it doesn’t alter the flavour or mouthfeel in any respect.

    However as a result of, not like whipping cream, it’s thicker and “units” within the fridge, it offers the whipped cream extra construction. Which means once you chunk into one thing like an eclair, the cream doesn’t squirt out the opposite finish (as a lot!). And if you happen to embellish a cake with the whipped cream it received’t weep and deflate in a single day, like bizarre whipped cream.

    Australians – do NOT use generic dwelling manufacturers (like Woolworths) as I’ve skilled issues with them in Tiramisu (they don’t seem to be “genuine” so they’re break and turn into runny when stirred). Use good manufacturers akin to:

    • La Casa Formaggio Mascarpone (Woolworths)

    • Montefiore Mascarpone Cheese (Coles)

    • Formaggio Zanetti (Harris Farms)

    • Latteria Sociale Mantova (Harris Farms, pictured beneath)

    • Any from an Italian deli

Easy methods to make Chantilly cream

Whether or not you make plain or stabilised Chantilly cream, the tactic is similar:

How to make Eclairs
  1. Beat – Put all of the elements in a bowl and beat on excessive velocity with a handheld electrical beater or stand mixer. Transfer the beater across the bowl and if want be, cease a few times to scrape down the perimeters with a rubber spatula.

  2. Fluffy with peaks – Beat for 1 1/2 minutes (for 1 cup of cream) till it turns into fluffy and you’ve got peaks that stand straight upright, as pictured above. The extra cream you begin with, the longer it is going to take. As a information, 2 cups of cream takes about 2 minutes.

    Don’t beat for ages else you’ll find yourself with butter! (Actually, I’m not kidding. Butter is comprised of cream – simply beat for ages and butter will kind!) However earlier than butter, the cream will turn into chunky and look a bit lumpy.

And that’s it! Able to unfold onto desserts, pipe onto cupcakes or dollop on bowls of fruit!

Easy methods to retailer Chantilly cream

Plain, non-stabilised Chantilly cream is greatest whipped simply earlier than serving. It’s going to begin to deflate and “soften” a bit after round 1 hour (sooner, on scorching days).

Nonetheless, non-stabilised Chantilly cream will be saved within the fridge for 3 days.

Stabilised Chantilly cream will preserve for two to three days within the fridge and can maintain its piped kind (on, say, cupcakes) or keep fluffy and prepared for piping/spreading for two days, typically 3 days.

Hope you discover the stabilised Chantilly cream trick helpful! As of late, I just about all the time stabilise my cream after I use it to embellish desserts and cupcakes as a result of this manner I could make forward, and know that leftovers will probably be as nice as they have been when freshly made. It’s been a game-changing tip! – Nagi x

Watch the right way to make it

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Swirl of Chantilly cream - French whipped cream

Chantilly cream (with stabilised whipped cream choice)

Servings2 cups

Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. Chantilly cream is the French title for whipped cream that is evenly sweetened and flavoured with vanilla. Use it as you do plain whipped cream to embellish desserts, pipe onto cupcakes, dollop on fruit and swirl onto sundaes!To make whipped cream maintain its fluffy texture and piped kind for two to three days, stabilise it by including mascarpone. It will not alter the flavour or texture. Different strategies (like cornflour/cornstarch, gelatine) are unreliable or not very nice to eat!


Vanilla flavour – select ONE (Be aware 3):

For STABILISED Chantilly Cream choice (Be aware 4):


  • Whip Chantilly cream – Place all of the Chantilly Cream elements in a bowl, together with mascarpone if making the stabilised model. Whip utilizing an electrical beater on medium excessive for two minutes, transferring the beater across the bowl, or till stiff peaks kind – see in put up for picture of what that is. If scaling up, it is going to take longer. Prepared to be used!

  • To make use of – Fill a piping bag with nozzle of selection and pipe. Unfold onto desserts or dollop on a bowl of fruit or onto pies!

Recipe Notes:

1. Cream – You should use cream labelled heavy or thickened cream, or whipping cream (or a mixture of these phrases!). Low fats cream received’t whip. 
Make sure that it’s fridge chilly, else it received’t whip. 
2. Sweetener – Or use 3 tablespoons of caster sugar (superfine sugar) for each 1 cup of cream.
3. Vanilla flavour – Pods are greatest (however expensive!), observe by vanilla bean paste (I take advantage of this as a result of I just like the genuine specks) then vanilla extract. Vanilla essence is synthetic and tastes as such – not really helpful!
Vanilla pod – To scrape the seeds out of a vanilla pod, lower the pot in half lengthwise utilizing a small sharp knife. Then scrape down the cut up pod utilizing the blunt facet of the knife to scrape the seeds out.
4. Stabilised cream has the identical mild mouthfeel as plain whipped cream, nevertheless it has extra construction so it is going to maintain its fluffy kind or piped kind for two to three days, and it doesn’t squirt out as a lot once you chunk right into a éclair. There’s numerous methods to make stabilised cream however mascarpone yields the perfect outcome. Will preserve for two days with out deflating or weeping like regular cream. Learn in put up for extra info.
5. Mascarpone is an Italian cheese/cream that tastes like a wealthy cream. It has a consistency like softened cream cheese, it’s not pourable. You should definitely get a good model, not a cheap home model as low cost imitations are runny (pourable) so received’t work as a thickener to stabilise the Chantilly Cream.
4. Making forward – Non stabilised Chantilly cream will begin deflating after 1 hour however will preserve for two to three days within the fridge (although it is going to weep). Stabilised cream will be saved in an hermetic container or piping bag for 48 hours, and it is going to be fluffy like freshly made! 


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