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4 Suggestions To Forestall Sugarcane Juice From Oxidizing

Sugarcane’s naturally candy style and dietary profile make it a wonderful juicing ingredient. But when the juice oxidizes, its taste, dietary content material, and look undergo. Shield the standard of your drinks with these 4 tricks to forestall sugarcane juice from oxidizing.

1. Retailer in an Hermetic Container

If you wish to put together massive batches or supply grab-and-go sugarcane juice to spice up gross sales, instantly bundle the drink after juicing to increase its shelf life. Retailer sugarcane juice in hermetic containers to forestall oxygen molecules from interacting with the sucrose within the liquid.

The extra you fill the bottles, the much less air is trapped, which reduces oxidation. Tamper-evident juice bottles guarantee clients of your product’s security. The seal additionally prevents oxygen from getting into the bottle and juice from leaking.

2. Add Citric Acid

One other tip to forestall sugarcane juice from oxidizing is so as to add citric acid. Citric acid helps forestall oxygen from reacting with sucrose and altering the juice.

Juicernet’s NSF-certified Sugarcane Juicer SC-3 yields essentially the most juice potential in a single go. The extra effectively you extract juice, the higher you possibly can naturally protect its style and dietary advantages.

After passing the sugarcane stalks by your juicer, combine one teaspoon of citric acid per cup of sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice is alkaline, and citric acid’s low pH dramatically slows oxidation.

3. Add Citrus Juice

You possibly can protect sugarcane juice with citrus juice reasonably than citric acid powder. Citric acid is a pure part of citrus fruits that imparts a tart style to lemons and limes.

After including lemon or lime to sugarcane juice to your style, you possibly can retailer the drink in an hermetic container within the fridge for as much as two days. The citrus won’t solely forestall oxidation, nevertheless it additionally pairs nicely with sugarcane’s taste. World wide, folks take pleasure in ingesting candy and tart citrus-sugarcane juice.

4. Blanch Sugarcane Stalks

When sugarcane oxidizes, it modifications from yellow-green to brownish-green, and the flavour turns into bitter. A technique you possibly can forestall this downside is by blanching sugarcane stalks.

Lower the sugarcane into 3-foot sections. Then, blanch the stalks utilizing steam. Warmth the stalks to an inner temperature of 100 levels Celsius (212 levels Fahrenheit) for 12 to 13 minutes.

Cool the sugarcane stalks in ice water instantly after blanching. As soon as cooled, use your one-pass sugarcane juicer to extract the juice. Lastly, bottle the liquid in an hermetic container.

Juicernet’s sugarcane juicers are business home equipment that yield the best quantity of pure product. Whether or not you wish to bottle sugarcane juice or serve it instantly, skilled gear makes it potential for your small business. Store with us at this time for high-quality sugarcane juicing gear.


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